5 Reasons Why NOW Is A Great Time To Start Therapy

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Five Reasons Why NOW is a Great Time to Start Therapy


Have you ever spent hours scrolling through hundreds of profiles on Psychology Today in search of the perfect therapist and then decided, “Nah, I’m alright…I can manage…I don’t need a therapist after all”? Do you tell yourself that your problems really aren’t “that bad”? Perhaps you view therapy as being only for the weak.


Therapy is not just for people with severe mental health diagnoses or for those who have major "problems and chaos" in their life. Therapy is also for people interested in self-exploration and growth. Whether you’ve gone to therapy in the past or would like to try a brand-new experience, here are five reasons why NOW is a great time to start.


1.       You Learn a Lot About Yourself – Do you cringe when someone asks what you like to do in your spare time because you actually have NO idea? Ever dread when you’re asked about your career goals because you have no CLUE what you want to do for the rest of your life – you just know you don’t want to be in the job you’re in right now? Do you wonder why you always date someone who never puts you first? Therapy is a safe place to “dig a little deeper” and to gain more self-awareness. Therapy can help you learn new insights and teach you ways to break out of old thought and behavior patterns. Take time to get to know yourself…even love yourself, and then watch amazing things start to happen.


2.       You Learn Tools to Help You Better Manage Future Stressors – Whether you attend therapy for three months or three years (or for any other amount of time), you will learn different tools to help you deal with people, experiences and stressors in a more effective way. I work with clients on the "art" of reframing their perceived negative experiences. It’s amazing how a slight shift in perspective can give you a totally new view. I also educate clients around daily gratitude and how fostering an attitude of gratitude can truly transform your life.


3.       Sometimes You Need an Objective “Listening Ear” – Your significant other just doesn’t get it. You love your mom, but don’t want her all up in your business. Your dad is great, but he is not the “emotional type”. It feels like your best friend is always “too busy” and your work buddy will inevitability find a way to make it all about her. Or, perhaps you’re just one of those people who doesn’t want to burden other people with your problems. Talking to an objective third party, such as a therapist, will give you a judgement-free space to vent, complain, cry, explore and problem-solve.


4.       You Can’t Seem to Get Out of Your Own Way – You know things need to change in your life. In fact, perhaps you have a list a mile long of all the things that need to get done or change, but for some reason you just can’t do any of it. Maybe you’re depressed or too overwhelmed. Maybe you’re living on autopilot and it’s just easier to keep putting things off. Don’t let therapy be one of them! Therapy will allow you to explore the reasons why you can’t get out of your own way, and then help you strategize ways to accomplish things you didn’t think possible.


5.       You Deserve It! Life is too damn short to be unhappy or to settle for complacency. Value yourself. If things are not “hunky dory” in your world, seek out the assistance of a therapist who can help you explore what’s not working, clarify what you want in life, and then help you to create actionable steps to get you to where you want to go. Sound too simple? It’s not.


Don’t waste one more minute on a mediocre life because living a happy and fulfilling life IS possible…and you deserve it. Make that call to a therapist in your area today and start making your happiness a priority!


Lucinda Testo

Unlimited You, LLC


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