Due to Covid-19, I am currently offering teletherapy via video chat!

When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

    "I feel like I'll never be happy"

  • Stuck or stagnant in a marriage or relationship.

    "I'm unhappy in my relationship and I don't know if I should stay or go"

  • Stuck following a significant life change (divorce/break up of a relationship, job loss/change, etc.

    "I don't know how I move on from this"

  • Stuck being single!

    "Why do I always attract people who are emotionally unavailable? When am I going to find 'the one'"

  • Like their low self-worth is preventing them from taking the risks needed to finally move their life FORWARD.

    "Who am I to think I can do that?"

  • Like their fears of "what if's" are keeping them STUCK right where they are.​

    "What if I make a decision and it's the wrong one...then what!"

    "What if I fail?"

That's where I come in.


We all want to feel like we have the tools to feel more happy and fulfilled and LESS STUCK and depressed.

As a therapist who specializes in helping clients feel more in control of their life and what happens in it, I help clients...

  • Explore the discrepancies between the life they're currently living and the life they truly desire.

  • GET CLEAR and focus their intentions on what they DO want instead of on what they DON'T want.

  • FALL IN LOVE...with themselves.

  • Master the "art" of REFRAMING.


  • CHALLENGE the limiting beliefs they have about themselves that are keeping them STUCK.

  • Feel EMPOWERED to make positive changes.


That's what I help people achieve.

Meet Your New Therapist

Hi, I'm Lucinda.

Licensed Professional Counselor with a life coaching approach to therapy.

After experiencing my own period of  “stuckness” several years ago, I realized that the victim role that I had conveniently placed myself in left me feeling totally powerless over my life and my happiness.


One day (as in “a-ha” moment), I realized that no one else could change the circumstances in my life BUT me – no one was coming to rescue me from my unhappiness.


After a divorce, financial hardship and being a single mother for four years to two very small children, I am now living a life I love to wake up to each day!


Today, I am a mom, step mom, dog mom, “new” wife, private practice owner, happiness researcher (yes, you read that right!), kickboxer, ice cream connoisseur and…kick-ass motivator.


I founded Unlimited You as a way to help empower other individuals to discover their own inner strength so that they can feel more in control of their life and what happens in it.


It can be TOO easy to stay on autopilot and live a complacent life! Wouldn’t it be much better to wake up and feel excited for each new day that is bringing you closer and closer to the life you deserve?


I believe that ALL of us, no matter what our life circumstances have been up until this point, have within us the courage to utilize simple skills that can change and improve our lives forever.


If you’re at all intrigued, give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s chat. After all, your 15-minute phone consultation is completely FREE of charge!


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