​If you're ready to finally start feeling happier, I can't wait to help! 

Due to Covid-19, I am currently offering teletherapy via video chat!

Perhaps you've tried therapy before. Maybe it felt good to get things off your chest, but at some point it stopped being that helpful. You were looking for some actionable steps to take to start making some real changes in your life so that you could finally feel happier and....less stuck.


That's what I help people achieve through my coaching style of therapy.


I help people who:

  • Want life to be different but don't know what steps to make
  • Feel stuck in their current circumstances
  • Don't always feel worthy or deserving of feeling happier
  • Don't necessarily know what they want (lack clarity)
  • Are fearful that they'll fail
  • Struggle to communicate effectively 

After engaging in therapy with me, clients often report having/feeling:

  • More clarity
  • Concrete strategies to help shift their mindset
  • Improved communication
  • More mindfulness
  • A focus on gratitude
  • More connection to themselves and others
  • More hope for the future
  • Happier and more fulfilled

**Please note: Due to Covid-19, I am currently offering telehealth via a HIPAA compliant video chat platform. Call or email to learn more!**

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